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The Business of Soapmaking Weekend with Kenna Cote

March 17 @ 8:00 am - March 18 @ 5:00 pm

Saturday, March 17, 2018 10 am to 1 pm: Soap Business Success Plan

Class Fee: $129 (early bird rate, price increases to $149 2/18/18)

Materials Fee: $0

Making the switch from super-star soaper to money-making maven means stepping away from the soap pot and donning your business owner hat. New soap companies are popping up every day, but most soapmakers at the helm are stuck in hobby mode, wearing their goggles and gloves and wielding their mighty stick blenders. You need to properly suit up if you want to make your dreams and goals into reality — a profitable, sustainable company!

As a fresh-faced business owner, chances are you’ve been seeing money fly out the door and want to know when it starts coming back in. No one starts a soap business to work 60+ hours a week for nada in return!

It’s time to dive into the key factors that contribute to a successful soap business, so you know where to focus your efforts and start making money.

Here’s what you’ll know by the end of class:

How to set yourself up for success with the three keys of a blossoming business owner, the three magic factors that no one else talks about
How to create a soap business success plan that lays out your passion into profit dreams and gives you a roadmap to follow along the way
How to create smart systems and evaluate your processes to prioritize your small business success, maximizing your output while minimizing your input
How to properly analyze your costs and get your pricing on point for a successful and sustainable business
How to wrangle your financial planning to work magic on your bottom line and accomplish your goals of sudsy domination
How to know when you need help, where to get it, and what to turn over to someone else’s
capable hands
How to know what your next steps should be to create a solid foundation in your business
Without help, starting a soap business can be scary, overwhelming, and full of watching your wallet drain; don’t let that be your story! This class is perfect for any soapmaker who is interested in starting a business or has recently started a business but wants to focus on creating a viable income stream fueled by their passion. We’ll be focusing on changing your mindset from soapmaker into business-minded creator ready to start making money.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 2 pm to 5 pm: Big Batch Soapmaking

Pre-requisite: Have taken a Basic Soapmaking class or have been making soap. If not, the following Basic Soapmaking Class or Soapmaking Intensive will meet that requirement.

Class Fee: $129 (early bird rate, price increases to $149 2/18/18)

Materials Fee: $0

Selling your wonderful handmade soap? Or just thinking about it? Either way, you absolutely need to take this class!

As most soap companies grow, the soapmakers behind them find that they’re making soap 24/7 with little time to manage their marketing, accounting, or customer relationships. It’s time to learn how to stop taking one step forward and five steps back.

Kenna has taught hundreds of soapmakers how to put down the stick blender and pick up their bottom line by taking hold of their single largest controllable expense in business: labor. And now, you can join the ranks of soapmakers making more soap in less time.

In this class, you will learn how to apply key production principles, allowing you to streamline your product creation. Kenna will unravel the mystery of large batch soapmaking by talking about what you need to consider before you pull out the big buckets and how to get started with minimal upgrade costs. If you are currently making 10 to 20 bar batches, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success by being able to whip up 60 to 120 bars of soap at one time.

Kenna will demonstrate how to make a 40 pound batch of cold process soap and discuss how to wrangle it from the mold, slice it down into bars, and keep the efficiency moving. She’ll share practical advice on how to streamline production and drive costs down, down, down.

By the time you head home, you’ll know how to:

make hundreds of bars of soap in one day with big batch soapmaking equipment you can build or buy
create and maintain cohesive product lines that speak to your target market, keep costs down, and keep production efficient and running smoothly
evaluate your current products and trim the fat so you aren’t wasting your precious time on products that aren’t worth cost to make them
reign in your creativity and accomplish smart research & development processes that will keep you churning out “new” products and expansions to your line without guessing, winging it, or throwing caution to the wind
keep track of your finished product and raw material inventory and properly start gauging when you need to order and how much to order so you aren’t wasting cash on stocking your shelves
plan your production schedule, set sales and production goals that work in tandem, and always be prepared for the next sale or pitch
Take back control over your future, whether you want to be a solopreneur forever or grow and hire someone else to handle all the business nonsense. It’s time to focus on the fun and excitement, while stomping potential financially and physically crippling effects, of growth. An expanding business is something to be proud of, rockstar!

Sunday, March 18, 2018 10 am to 1 pm: Products on Point: Regulatory Compliance in the USA

Class Fee: $129 (early bird rate, price increases to $149 2/18/18)

Materials Fee: $0

Tired of reading government gobbledygook and trying to figure out how to label your products? So over searching pages and pages of regulatory information to find your way?

No more of that nonsense! Know exactly what kind of products you are making (it’s not as easy as saying, hey, this is soap!) and how to properly label and market them in the USA within the legal parameters set out by our regs. We’ll talk through ideas and tips for marketing your products within compliance and guidelines and show you how to create show-stopping labels the right way!

Here’s what you’ll know by the end of class:

Why labeling, marketing, and production are three peas in a pod when it comes to your business
How to easily figure out what regulations pertain to your products (and which ones don’t), so you aren’t scrambling over knowing what applies to you
What those regulations control and dictate when you are selling your products in the United States
What you can and cannot say about your soap and cosmetics through your copywriting, branding, and marketing
Where you need to look to review your own regulatory compliance and get with the program
How to use readily available resources to master proper labeling of soap and cosmetics in accordance with the law
This class is also 100% customized to address the unique needs of soap businesses in New Jersey, as specific regulations vary from state to state.

If you are a soapmaker who is interested in starting a business or have started a business, but aren’t sure where to start with regulatory compliance, this class is for you. This workshop focuses on making the regulations that govern our products crystal clear and easy to follow, without tears and headaches.

Sunday, March 18, 2018 2 pm to 5 pm: GMP for Soapmakers: Getting Compliant

Class Fee: $129 (early bird rate, price increases to $149 2/18/18)

Materials Fee: $0

Did you know that even though the FDA hasn’t mandated good manufacturing practices in the US, your insurance won’t cover a claim unless you have your production on point? Or that not following GMP can put your products in jeopardy of not delivering the amazing experience you promise your customers? And you could even harm them?

Maybe you already know all that but are struggling over getting up to speed on good manufacturing practices or aren’t sure how to master compliance without starting all the way over.

Enough of all that, it’s time to make it easy to go golden with your GMP with a step-by-step blueprint to bring compliance to your studio.

By the time you head home, you’ll know how to:

Conduct a good manufacturing practices audit and identify problem areas to focus your efforts on first and foremost
Establish systems and processes that make implementing GMP as easy as it can possibly be every day in your studio
Record and maintain proper documentation for specifications, standard operating procedures, batch records, and quality control
Create an action plan so you have a roadmap to guide you on your way to full compliance
Use provided templates to create your own in-house documents without second guessing what you should or shouldn’t do
This class is for you if you are starting or have started a soap business and don’t have any understanding of what GMP compliance is or how to get there or if you have started diving into GMP compliance but feel overwhelmed and lost.

About Your Instructor:

After owning and operating two successful soap companies, Kenna created Modern Soapmaking, a proverbial online playground for soapmakers who want to turn their passion into profit. With over a decade of soapmaking experience, she passes on her knowledge through articles, resources, digital workbooks, recorded classes, and other content. She continues to nurture soapmakers through live mentorship programs and workshops, both online and in person. In her “spare” time, she indulges in photography, MMORPGs (video games!), and her amazingly supportive family of four littles and husband.


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