Formulating your own soap recipes can be exciting and fun to do as you become more familiar with the properties of oils used in soap making.  To assist you in formulating your soaps a lye calculator is a great tool to help figure out how much lye and liquids you need to properly saponify your soap recipe.

This video will give you a general overview of one of the most popular lye calculators in the soap making community.  There are others you can use which will be listed in the resource area at the bottom of this post.

Ready to start formulating your own soap recipes? Use an online soap calculator to help you safely calculate the lye and water measurements to saponify your soap recipe.

Hope you have a clearer understanding of how to use a lye calculator and what a great tool it is to use in your soap recipe formulations.  Now make some fabulous soap!

MMS-Lye Calculator
Brambleberry – Lye Calculator
Soap Guild – Lye Calculator
Brambleberry – iPhone App – $2.99