51vuBXpaLAL._SL250_When I first started making soap back in 2002 I purchased books from the mothers and fathers of soapmaking. I believe every soapmaker should have a collection of books for different soap makers. There are various theories that will remain consistent amongĀ soap makers but there are some unique tips, tricks and techniquest that will vary from each soap maker. You can learn from every soap maker some new.

To this day I still go back and review those books whether it is recipes, formulation or help with troubleshooting

Here is my list of soap making books that will always remain in my soap book library:

The Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Cavitch – One of my all time favorites. It’s a keeper.

Essentially Soap by Dr. Robert S. McDaniel – Love the FAQ’s scattered throughout the book!

The Everything Soapmaking Book by Alicia Grosso – The layout is simple and easy to read full of recipes.

Soap Naturally by Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello – Australian soap makers. Cool to have a different perspective of soap making from another country.

Scientific Soapmaking by Kevin M. Dunn – though this book is not a soap making books with recipes it is a go to book if you want to learn the chemistry of soap making. It takes a bit to digest so I do suggest that you find a section you want to learn more about and read it in pieces. This way if you don’t understand the concept you can go back and read the previous section so it will make sense.

So here is my list. What soap making books do you cherish and keep in your soap making library. I would love to know. Please share them in the comment section below.