Not another social media avenue that I have to maintain!!! I know what you are thinking cause I thought it too. But not until recently have I personally seen the power of pinterest.

On my soap making parent website, Nyah I recently had a sale. Great right!  This time the sale was different because it came through an old shopping cart. I recently updated my e-commerce shopping cart and whoola a sale from my old shopping cart.  I searched high and low on my website but to no avail could I find the page that was lurking around on my site that gave access to the old shopping cart.  Then a light bulb came on and I remembered that one of my soaps had been pinned and repinned by 40 others. So, I was on a mission to find the picture on Pinterest so that I could see if the link associated with the picture was a link to the old shopping cart. Well low and behold it was!! Pinterest was the culprit to an online sale!!

Now how this person came upon the image that linked to my website that resulted in a sale is beyond me…but one thing I do know is use Pinterest where ever you can. Figure out a plan to have pictures from your website appear on somebody’s Pinterest Board.

To help you with this plan below are resources to give you some ideas and guidance in how to use Pinterest to market your brand:


How have you experienced Pinterest? Have you been able to link any sales from being pinned on Pinterest? Please share your experience below.