typographic-design-dont-take-no-for-an-answer_zyypbEO_Confidence is a belief in one’s self. Often this belief is not one that an entrepreneur possesses when it comes to their business. They believe they have a great product or service but when it comes to marketing their businesses confidence often times hides it’s pretty face.

It is no wonder our confidence is low. We live in a society where no is a negative thing. If someone tells us no when we want to hear yes it makes us upset and is not a good feeling. So, when we start our businesses we now have to sell our product or service to strangers. It could be an individual or a company that we desire as a new customer. We want them to see our product and immediately make a purchase because we know they will be extremely happy with our great product.

But what happens when we hear that no. Or if you heard what I used to hear when I vendored “I’ll be back.” No you are not Arnold Schwarzenegger!! You won’t be back. Hear this statement or a hard no can be devastating especially for a new business. But even if you have been in business for a few years you want to grow your business and you are looking for growth opportunities.

As you begin taking a leap of faith and approach a potential wholesale customer go with the confidence that your product is the bomb.com. Have your presentation tight. When you follow up with the potential wholesaler hopefully you will hear the melodic sounds of harps as they decide they want to place an order. But if they don’t and you hear the  dreadful end of the world “no” begin to take notes as to why you may be getting that “no.” Don’t be afraid to ask the potential wholesaler in a nice voice, why they weren’t able to place an order at this time.

Take the feedback and make your tweaks and adjustments to your presentation or marketing materials. There is good in knowing why you received a “no.” It may be simply that your product won’t fit into their niche. Good to know. Now you know that is not part of your target market and you can narrow  your focus on who is. Or maybe your labeling is not up to par. Good to know. Because now you can try and make your labels/packaging more conducive to your target markets taste.

Are you getting the picture now of why hearing a no is good for your business. It will be the best feedback you could ever receive and will allow you to hone into perfecting your pitch, your marketing materials and your product.

How has hearing a no impacted your business for the better? Please share the good of no in your life.