For me soap making encompasses three things; art, beauty and chemistry.  I tell my soap making students that they can use soap making as a creative medium. It is a way for them to express their own personal styles and preferences into each wonder batch of soap they make. A piece of them is in each bar of soap they create. From the most simplified to the most exquisite, each bar of soap is beautiful. That is why all my students can do a swirl soap and each one will look different event when using the same colors.

As for the beauty of soap making, you can choose different vegetable or animal fats based on what they will do for the soap as well as for the skin. If you want a more moisturizing soap you may choose to formulate a Bastille soap which has a least 70% olive oil in the soap. The options are limitless with all the awesome oils to formulate with. Not only do we have the oils but you can choose herbs, clays, essential oils all for the wonderful benefits they contribute to the beauty of our skin.

Lastly chemistry, for me when I made my first batch of cold process soap I was amazed at the transformation of the vegetable oils being converted over to soap. Once I saw what happens when an alkali and an acid mix to create soap I was hooked.

Some people think, “Oh, it’s just soap,” but for me it is more. It is tool for creative expression which includes love and thought into the final soap that someone I may not know purchases or receives as a gift, gets to use to clean their body with.  How awesome is that!

How do you feel soap making?