20150411_150641In a nutshell, what is your current role/position at Aromatherapy Oasis?
I am the sole owner and clinically certified aromatherapist. I offer private aromatherapy consultations and design beginner friendly aromatherapy classes and workshops.

How did you get into the natural skin care and aromatherapy industry?
Several things led me on my path to knowing exactly what I was putting on and in my body. So I will be brief and mention one of my negative experiences. I remember receiving a facial from a spa and my face broke out so badly I had to go to a dermatologist. He stated that I had to be careful at getting services from some of these spas out there because some of the ingredients are foreign and as a result I had to receive treatment for months to try and heal the problem. He told me to purchase certain soaps and chemicals for my face but it was very drying. When the doctor would burn the bumps on my face it was just a temporary fix because new ones would only appear later. So I began to research more into ingredients and decided to learn to make products for me and my family. I made a decision not to use fragrances and opted to only use essential oils. I still was not confident using the oils and after seeing how lavender healed a burn that I received I felt it was imperative to formerly learn more about essential oils. So I embarked on a continuous journey to learn more and I love to share my knowledge with others. 20150411_170146

What are you currently working on that has you all “tickled pink”?
I am currently in massage school and learning more about the TCM modality. I am also involved with working with clients for aromatherapy consults.

What about your business makes you lose sleep at night?
Worried about having enough time in the day to accomplish my goals and trying to prefect my courses continuously. Also concerned about taking Aromatherapy Oasis to the next level.

What makes you wake up each morning motivated to continue building your business?
Destined to accomplish my goals and to put a smile on my client’s faces. I love teaching and interacting with others because it is very satisfying.

What book are you currently reading right now?
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

If I could go anywhere in the world, what would be your dream travel destination?

Essential oils are your passion. What is it about essential oils that have you feeling so strongly about them?
I love that when used correctly they may help to support the body both physically and emotionally. I have seen these wonderful gifts of nature do both.

As an industry educator what are the most common mistakes you have seen micro businesses make when first start blending essential oils?
Using to many oils for starters. When trying to address a condition some people feel that by using 10 different oils in one blend is beneficial when it is not the case. I try not to use more than five oils when creating a blend. Some people rely on receiving training from social media sites and videos and some of the information is incorrect and could be harmful.

20150411_154145What are you looking forward to most about teaching Essential Oils for Beginner’s and Green Cleaning with Essential Oils?
I love seeing a person transition from not being comfortable blending to confidently creating wonderful synergies by the end of the class without looking to me for assistance. It is a wonderful feeling. I love to see the variety of the blends that each student creates. It is a wonderful bonding experience.

Where do you see the aromatherapy industry in the next five years?
I see aromatherapy being introduced into more clinical settings because of the demand for a more natural approach. Some hospitals are currently utilizing aromatherapist now and I can see it growing in the future. I can see aromatherapy being recognized by more states as an alternative healing modality in the next five years.

How do you see an existing and emerging soapmaker or natural skincare maker benefiting from attending Essential Oil for Beginner’s and Green Cleaning with Essential Oils?
I feel it would help to take their business to another level. Essential oils have many skincare benefits and knowing safety, how the oils are derived which is important when it concerns safety, and proper dilution guidelines are a must to know for a formulator. It will boost confidence when using oils to really find out why you are using them, how to purchase them and what you should look for in a supplier. A business owner will be able to make their own custom blends for Green cleaning and skin care product lines.

So when with Yolanda be teaching next? Saturday, August 1, 2015 at our Annapolis class location, Ridgely Retreat. For more information and to register visit Essential Oil Blending for Beginners or Green Cleaning with Essential Oils.