Soap Cupcakes that Look Real!

Soap Cupcakes!

Well, if this has not happened to you in your soap making journey then please tell me the secret. There has to be one person whether they were a customer or a friend who has eaten a piece of your soap thinking that it was food.

It is a sign that the body cleansing items we make are definitely appealing to the eyes but believe me if ingested it is not tasty at all! Blah!!

One incident I clearly remember was it was during the grand opening of one of our stockists, Pooka. We thought it would be cool to have soap sample slices for the customers to try after they used the scrub bar. Well, one of the attendees saw people going over and cutting pieces of soap throughout the day. They thought they go over and cut a piece for themselves and sample the soap slivers that resembled pieces of cheese! Let’s just say, they quickly found out that it was not cheese but soap and had to excuse themselves quickly to get the not so tasty soap out of their mouths. This was definitely one to remember and now laugh about.

Recently one of my students sent me an email about the soaps she made during class. She cut them into squares and mailed some to relatives out of state. They informed her that she should write the word “Soap” on things that smell sweet and look like candy. Someone accidentally took a bite.

I have heard many funny stories about customers thinking the soap displayed on their vendor tables were samples cakes and desserts where the person took a bite.  Someone should do one of the those blooper shows with a segment on when America Eats Soap!

What are some of you funniest encounters with people mistaking your soaps for edible treats? Please share below, we can all use a laugh!