Over the course of last 6 years since I have been teaching classes on soapmaking and other natural beauty products I have heard different reasons for taking my classes. Some people come to my classes just out of plan curiosity. Others want to make gifts for the holidays. Then there are those who are looking for something fun to do with a spouse or a good friend. I have also had the pleasure of instructing those who want to start a handcrafted beauty business or they are looking to expand their product offerings.

What ever their reason is they all have one thing in common they enjoy creating! It brings joy to me when after class my students come to me and say they had a wonderful time whether it was for a two hour session or a full day intensive. They are proud of their creations and the time they had to themselves to have a creative outlet and even have some fun while doing it.

So, if you are looking for ideas for your next date night (see my post about soapmaking date night classes) or you know that the creative person in your life would truly enjoy one of the upcoming classes give them the gift of fun, creativity, inspiration and who knows maybe even a new career.

Happy Holidays!