At a recent visit to the Pleasant Valley Lavender Farm in Morgansville, NJ with NYC and NJ Indies for a quarterly meetup, Lavender was the topic of the hour…okay the day!  During a tour of the farm a few questions were thrown out to our tour guide who answered most of our questions with the help of her mom the owner of the farm.

Here’s are a few things I found out about this relaxing weed aka herb; lavender.

1.  The essential oil Lavender 40/42 is actually a blend of between the European and French Lavenders.

2.  Lavandin plants are a hybrid of the European and French Lavender.

3.  Australia is the largest producer of lavender…sorry…it’s not France.

4. Australian white butterflies love lavender. Can you spot the butterfly in the picture? Hint it’s in the center area.

5. Lavender buds also come in white, pink and yellow also.

6. French Gross Lavender has the deep purple color.

7. French lavender is sterile and propagates by cuttings.

8. French lavender blooms in the early spring and english lavender can bloom from late spring to early fall.

9. To use lavender buds for cooking just rinse the buds and pull them off the stem.

10. For soapmaking or other natural personal care product making hang lavender stems upside down and air dry. Be sure not to bunch too many stems to allow air to flow through and impede mold growth.

How many of those did you already now? Do you know of any other facts about lavender? Please comment and share so we can learn with you!

Indies present at the #IndieMeetup:

Brenda Foster, owner of Bubs and Scrubs

Melissa Rivera, owner of Natural Good Soaps

Rosie Carbajal owner of Brooklyn Bath

Johnetta Miner, owner of Lifestyle Wellness Network

Stephanie Bismuth, owner of Skin Caring Soaps

Scarlett Rocourt, owner of Wonder Curl

Maureen Harris, owner of Heaven Scent Beauty

As well as our special guest Deirdre Mason, owner of Mason Law Firm, LLC


Pleasant Valley Lavender Farm