#Handmade Chat: Small Business Success Books

As an entrepreneur reading small business success books can really help to keep you motivated and moving forward to achieving your goals and aspirations. A few of the books in  my library are shown in the picture to your left.  But let’s face it. Life happens and it can be hard to find time to fit in reading a book that can help propel your business forward.

This weeks #HandmadeChat discusses small business success books. Alyssa Middleton, the owner of High Wire in Heels was the co-host for the evening! She lead the discussion and by the time you finish reading the transcript you will have a wish list of books that even make Santa Claus scratch his head (may make a good recommendation for your Holiday Gift list to pass on to your love ones.) Here are few chat highlights:


Donna Maria Coles Johnson shared: Reading is critical for#smallbiz owners. “Great Readers Make Great Business Leaders”

Brenda Foster shared: Gotta stay on top of trends, thought leadership, & best practices. I feel like I read too much some days! Key, as with all things, is to not waste time on non-value-added content.

Alyssa Middleton shared:The most successful biz owners make it a point to continue learning and growing.


Alyssa Middleton shared: Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions by Donna Maria Coles Johnson (one of my first DIY books I purchased 10 years ago)

Melissa Rivera shared: Instructional books? Hmmmm, isn’t there a new soapmaking book by hmmmm @highwireinheels @anniesgoathill?


Soap Prizes shared:  I’ve decided reading is a little like meditation to me. Gets me out of my usual mindset and thinking differently.

Brenda Foster shared: It’s how I wind down in the evening; part of my daily routine. On weekends I take an hour or so to chill-ax with a book.

Lydia Fiedler shared: This is a huge challenge. It needs to go into your Google calendar with everything else. Respect your own time!

You will want to print out this transcript and take out your highlighter to highlight all the wonderful books that were recommended throughout the chat. I am looking forward to checking out a few myself and empower myself with information that will propel me to the next level in business. For the full conversation and transcripts you can download them here. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to join us for the next #HandmadeChat on Thursday, 8/9 at 8pm EST, where Mary Humphrey will co-host and chat it up about “How To Deal With Difficult Customers.”


  1. I like to leave a book in my car. If I have a doctor appointment or I’m waiting somewhere (DMV, grocery shopping) I can bring the book with me. I do this with books I have already read, because no matter how many times I read them, I can always find something new to learn. One of the books in your picture, “Who moved my cheese?”, is a great car book. The same for anything by Peter McWilliams.

  2. That is a great suggestion. I am re-reading Who Moved My Cheese right now. It is one of the books that you need to re-read every so often so you don’t get stuck in the maze.

  3. Reading, reading, and reading!

    God gave us a wonderful gift, the ability to continue gaining wisdom and “smarts.” I have not printed the transcript myself, yet. I think my wallet is going to be in trouble.

    I urge anyone that wants to continue growing as a small business owner, or even personally, to check out the list of books on the #handmade transcript. Absorb!


  4. You are right. We should always be absorbing! Things change and you need to be able to go with the flow of things and you are able to do this with the wisdom and smarts from what you have been reading. Great stuff!

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