October 15th is Global Handwashing Day. This is the 5th year of recognizing this day. But what makes having a Global Handwashing Day necessary especially since we don’t live in a 3rd world country.

Handwashing with soap is the number one way to prevent disease. Diarrheal illnesses and respiratory infections can be prevented just by getting in the habit washing your hands with soap after using the restroom, changing a baby’s diaper or before handling food.  This sounds like a no brainer but think how often you have observed a person leaving the restroom without washing their hands.

Rinsing with just water is not enough. Soap must be involved in the handwashing process. Soap helps to release the dirt that attaches to the oils on the skin. Water helps to rinse them away.

Change will happen as others especially children observe these habits from practicing adults. Get in the habit of washing hands after using the restroom, changing a baby diaper and before handling food.

So in celebration of Global Handwashing Day you guessed it WASH YOUR HANDS with SOAP! Encourage others to do the same and we all can live a healthier life.


The Global Private-Public Partnership for Handwashing

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