Profile Picture - CopyAbout five years ago I taught a class at the New York Open Center. Attending this class was Celeste Munford an eager woman who wanted to learn all she could about making soap from scratch that day. I am amazed at how she has blossomed in an awesome soapmaker who has found her unique niche in the handcrafted beauty industry.

What classes have you taken with the Handmade Soap Coach?
I’ve taken the cold-process soap making class. I’d like to take a private liquid soap making class.

What made you decide to register for the class? La Shonda is very knowledgeable about soapmaking fundamentals + advanced techniques, she’s patient with her students + exhibits love for the craft.

What did you like most about the class? Soapmaking, under La Shonda’s coaching opened me up to a new way of creative expression.

I loved, loved, loved that I could formulate a recipe of my very own then bring it to fruition by following basic instructions.

How did you first start making soapmaking? I love to bake + cook; however, I never created a recipe. I still can’t tell you how much baking soda to use per cup of flour, LOL!

I fell in love with soapmaking after my very first class + immediately chose it as something I had to do.

If you were already making body products what new products did you make after taking the class? Before taking La Shonda’s class, I’ve never made any bath + body products. After the class I started making body + hair butters, shampoo bars, scrubs, lip balms + more.

The cold process soapmaking class really got my creative juices flowing.

What inspired the name of your business?

J. Lexi was named after my granddaughter, Jordyn Lexi Green.

When my daughter was pregnant she was looking for a name that began with “J” I suggested Jordyn Lexi because I thought it was cool! I said that when she became a doctor, lawyer, chief, cook or bottle washer, she could abbreviate it to J. Lexi Green, which I thought was sharp + professional.

Jordyn was also my inspiration because as a baby her skin was dry + I wanted to help hydrate + moisturize it.

Little did I know I was naming her for myself . . . LOL!

What do you enjoy about making your own body products?

I absolutely love the creative process. My recipes + methods are somewhat unorthodox + out-of-the box.

I am inspired by nature + use ingredients in their most natural form. I enjoy creating real food for healthy skin.

I believe more than 90% of what we eat for skin health can be applied transdermally for healthy skin. So, I find ways to incorporate asparagus + other fruits, vegetables, grains, superfoods, probiotics, vitamins, proteins + more into my meals + into my soaps + other products.

Of all the soaps/products you make which one is your personal favorite and why?

If I had to choose 1 favorite soap, it would probably be the Even Tone Body bar because it contains many beautifying ingredients like home-made kefir, walnut shells, exotic oils + skin actives. It’s an all-in-one beauty bar that cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes + conditions skin.

Do you have any plans or goals?

I have a few plans in the works . . . stay tuned.

How can people purchase your products?

J. Lexi, LLC can be found on my site:, I also have an Etsy stop @ JLexiLLC.

Our products are also @ Oasis Salon + Beauty Lounge located in South Orange, NJ.

We will be sold in another large online retail outlet in September, 2015.

What is your current professional career?

Professionally I am a Business Relationship Manager for a major commercial bank. Where I cover Essex + Passaic Counties helping small businesses with $1MM+ in revenue in banking, credit, cash management + other financial needs.

If you’d like help with your established business, let me know.

Do you have any recommendations for others who may thinking about taking a natural personal care product class?

I suggest + highly recommend taking any + every class with La Shonda . . . soapmaking, lotion, scrubs, cold-process, hot-process + more!

Even if you don’t plan to sell your products. There’s no better gift to give yourself, family + friends than natural products you created yourself . . . now that’s a gift of love!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about starting their own soap and/or bath and body beauty biz? Do your research!

I jumped in head first + against the suggestion of many, went wide (with over 80 products)and not deep.

I’d recommend allowing your creative juices to flow . . . in a controlled + thoughtful way. There’s no rush or need to make everything today!

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