For the past two weeks I’ve had the ridiculous good luck of being able to taste amazing ice creams flavored with essential oils.

What can I say?  I’ve tasted great ice cream before, but these were different. The addition of essential oils added wonderful flavors of course, but there was also an intense emotional component that took my ice cream experience to a completely new level.   Each flavor brought with it a wave of feelings that ranged from deeply meditative to the high of being totally smitten with a new crush.

This is why I love essential oils. It all sounds very dramatic, I know, but you aren’t getting that kind of emotional reaction from synthetic fragrance or flavors. It’s just not happening.  When one is able to stir the emotions of their customers there’s opportunity to create an experience that begs repetition. Offering an experience that begs repetition practically guarantees demand for your products.

I’m very excited to be presenting the basics of essential oil blending at Soap Camp, for two reasons:

1. I know there are soap makers and skin care formulators who pass on using essential oils because of the expense or a lack of familiarity.  The E.O. Blending 101 will focus on showing you how to evaluate essential oils and offer tips for using them in a cost effective way.  Additionally, what we learn will enable you to create products that are truly therapeutic, not just scented.

2. Blending essential oils is one of the best ways to create a one of a kind product or experience. Your unique creation + an excited customer = an experience that begs repetition = sales(infinity).
Okay, so my math is a unique creation but you get the point. Scented products are wonderful, but they’ve been done. It’s time to explore a new way to use fragrance and learning to blend is an excellent beginning.

So register for Soap Camp already! In today’s over digitized world so many people are seeking a connection to nature, simplicity and real things they can smell and touch. Let’s be prepared to give them what they want.