liquid_soapmaking_jackie_thompsonWhen it came to making liquid soap it was one of the most challenging soaps to make in my soap making career. Like most other soapmakers who attempted to make a batch of liquid soap they turned to Catherine Failor’s book “Making Natural Liquid Soaps.” This 134 page book is full of bright colored images enticing me to decide which soap recipe would I make first. It had instructions on how to make the liquid soap using two different methods: the paste method and the alcohol/lye method.

Needless to say my first batch was a failure. The instructions were a challenge to understand and follow. This is the general consensus of many soapmaking trying to follow the instruction in the book authored by Catherine Failor.making_natural_liquid_soaps

Earlier this year, I purchased the book, “Liquid Soapmaking” written by my long time soapmaking friend Jackie Thompson. She has written over 200 pages of liquid soapmaking information.  I couldn’t wait to read it and begin to use some of the information in the book.

This book is well laid out and full of definitions and explanations.  She offers instructions and guidance on two liquid soap making methods: paste and no paste. I myself have become a recent fan of the no paste method of making liquid soap simply because it is a one pot process.  It eliminates the dilution process which is a charm for me. The easier it is to make something the happier I am especially when it saves time.

Book Highlights:

  • Full of recipes to try: paste, no paste, soap gels and jellies
  • How to color your liquid soaps
  • Essential oil blends to naturally scent your liquid soaps
  • Tips on how to thicken your liquid soap (oh, isn’t this the struggle!)
  • Instructions on how to formulate your own liquid soap recipes
  • Much, much, much more

This is definitely one book I would recommend every soapmaker have in their soapmaking library.  It is a labor of love that I know Jackie Thompson put all her heart and soul into.