Melissa Rivera

Naturally Good Soaps began in 2003 when I started to develop an interest and passion for living natural. My interest was truly sparked when I went to Provence, France in 2004 to study Aromatherapy. In my studies and research I saw that one can make natural soap and body products without the use of harsh chemicals. I couldn’t get enough of the books and classes but the best part is connecting with so many wonderful people I have met along my journey.

Naturally Good Soaps is currently a web based business. All my products are made in small batches to ensure quality control. You will not find any synthetic chemicals, animal by products, parabens, or petroleum based items in my shop.

What you will find is quality vegetable oils, herbs, spices and clays as well as using amazing essential oils to provide the aromatic experience. Naturally Good Soaps products are vegan friendly except for the products (2) that are listed to have honey.

I don’t believe in animal testing, but I do believe in testing 100% on humans. I also try to leave a very little imprint on the environment by recycling, reducing and re-using all packaging and materials.

Naturally Good Soaps became a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in 2011. I am a proud member of the Indie Beauty Network (2010), & The NYC IBN Local Director (2011). I also offer classes because I love educating on the benefits of natural cosmetics and the simplicity of making your own products.

Early this summer (2012) I also began a new venture called Essence & Aroma. Essence & Aroma is the premier online resource for all things herbal & aromatic servicing the NE region of the US. My hope is to bring to you the many wonderful apothecaries, herbal farms, aromatherapists I have found along my journey and share it with you.

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