Christina Dille

Christina Dille is the founder of AromaVida, a company dedicated to helping people incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle. AromaVida offers essential oil blends for home fragrance, classes, consulting, and event services.

Christina discovered the world of Aromatherapy and natural beauty in 2001 while attending school for Massage Therapy. Initially thinking of Aromatherapy as a gimmick, Christina used essential oils because the scents were pure and did not contain the ‘plastic’ notes typical of fragranced products. Eventually she started to notice various therapeutic results from using the oils and decided to begin studying them in depth. Her Aromatherapy education began with a series of classes at the New York Open Center. Later Christina received a certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy from the American College of Health Sciences and became a Registered Aromatherapist in 2006.

Christina is passionate about helping people use essential oils and other natural raw materials. In addition to AromaVida, she keeps a blog called Aromatic Lifestyle, writing about all things aromatic and sharing ‘how-to’ information with readers. She is currently teaching a series of introductory classes on essential oils and natural beauty at Enfleurage, where she also works part-time. In her spare time she is learning how to make cone incense from scratch using only natural aromatics, and enjoys reading about business and entrepreneurship.