Yummy - Barbecue!

It’s Memorial Day weekend; the unofficial start of summer. Time to eat some barbecued chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and potato salad. Yum yum!

While you are licking the barbecue sauce off your fingers start thinking about the Christmas Holiday.  Yup Christmas and all the other holidays that come around that time of year.  So why now?

Here’s why  you should start thinking about the winter holiday season:

1.  Almost half the year is gone:  Can you believe that 5 months in the new year have passed already? Your answer was probably no! Time waits for no one and Christmas will be here before you know it.

2. Plan your inventory: Determine what products you want to sell during the holiday.  Are there special scents that you sell only during the holidays? Start your wish list of products so you can plan and order your supplies to make your gift sets for the holiday sales rush!

3.  Order your supplies: Now that you have a pretty good idea what products you will be selling during the holidays you can start ordering your supplies.  Cash flow may be an issue to get everything you need so if you know what you need now if you see it on sale you can order it ahead of time and save some moola too! TIP: Many suppliers may be getting rid of last years holiday inventory to make room for the new goodies they have.  This may be a good time to save money on supplies for your holiday inventory by getting supplies at reduced pricing.

4.  Schedule Production: Enjoy your holiday season too! Schedule your holiday production so that you are not so harried to get things done in the heat of the holiday sale season.  Your family will appreciate the extra time they get to spend with you too.

5. Have a Saner Holiday:Every year you say next year it will not be like this.  I will plan ahead and not be stressed during the most beautiful time of the year.  Well this year make it a true statement and then you can say I’m glad I took the time to plan will things were slow for when things get more hectic.

Eliminate Stress for a Saner Holiday

6.  Scope out the Great Holiday Shows: Start researching or applying for the holiday shows you want to vendor at.  Get an idea if your budget will or will not allow participating in the shows you wished you had last year.  Get a jump start on where you will be and you can let your customers know ahead of time where they can find you.


Brambleberry (Surplus Items)

Wholesale Supplies Plus (Sales/Discontinued Items)

From Nature with Love (Sale and Specials)

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