All Photos Courtesy of: Sarah Hayes

As always a great time is had at the CNY Soapmakers Annual Gathering which was held this year in Syracuse, NY.  Over 30 soap and candle makers were in attendance for the NY Bubble and Blazes Gathering.

Our day started off rainy which ended being great because we had an awesome indoor venue to shelter us from the rain and keep us dry and cool.  The morning starts of with checking in and saying hello to our old friend and hello to the new friends we met for the first time. Which of course never feels like the first time.

After our fabulous organizer, Beth Byrne, gave her welcome and instructions for the morning we all introduced ourselves. This years morning demo I had the honor of presenting, Whipped Body Butter. Whipped Body Butter really doesn’t do well in the summer time so it turned our okay. Many bath and body business will not make it in the summer as it doesn’t ship well in the summer due to the high heat factor. We all learned the general basis for making Whipped Body Butter and tips were shared by those who make it as part of their product line. The unaminous group decision was to scent the Whipped Body Butter with Brambleberry’s Summer Melon Spritzer. I tell you a little goes a long way in Whipped Body Butter. A half once scented 1 pound of Whipped Body Butter very well.

Door prizes where spread out over the course of the day so that is always a fun part of the day to win the goodies donated by our awesome industry suppliers.  I won door prizes from ForSoapmakers, Making Cosmetics and Friendly Fumes. A big thank you to you all!

The Yankee Swap is always fun to participate in. It can be a little tough to get something you like and have someone after you take it from  you. But I happily went home with a stick blender with a whisk attachment and two pair gloves. A soapmakers dream package and yes, I did swap it from someone else. It’s the breaks!! Tee hee!

One of the great parts of the day is LUNCH! It is a pot luck lunch in which everyone brings something to the table for sharing. We always have a great spread so just know all of our bellies were good and full.

Our afternoon session we had an experts panel that consisted of Maria Gelnett, Robert Kishtok and Jeanine VanVorhees. It’s a great to hear what other have to say to some of our soap making problems.

Then it was the last round of door prizes and the big raffle prizes.  As we left for the day we picked up a goodie bag full of product samples from various industry suppliers. It was fun rummaging through the goodie and product swap bags later that night. As always it feels like Christmas in July!