10 Beauty Secrets about Hibiscus Flower

Their big beautiful blooms will captivate you immediately. But this flower has more than just natural beauty. It actually has a few other great health and beauty benefits to offer. I posted this picture on Facebook and one of my students mentioned that in her country, Panama, they used Hibiscus as a natural shampoo and hair color enhancer. This sparked my curiosity to learn more. I know Hibiscus tea is very good for you but here are the things I uncovered about Hibiscus.

  1. Added to tea blends for it’s antioxidant benefits.
  2. Can potentially reduce blood pressure in individuals with type-2 diabetes.
  3. Is the source of hydroxycitric acid…don’t know what that is? I’m sure you have seen the commercials for Hydroxy Cut! In lab animals it cuts the absorption of carbohydrates.
  4. Used to stimulate hair growth and prevent pre-mature graying in Ayurvedic medicine.
  5. In India the leaves and flower are burned and used to make eye shadow.
  6. In the Polynesian islands including Hawaii it is used as a hair ornament.
  7. Mild shampoo for babies.
  8. Mix hibiscus extract and extra light kukui oil to create maximum sheen while it calms and seals hair.
  9. Called “show flower” as the flower was used in some countries to polish shoes.
  10. Effective against dandruff.
Hibiscus Infused Hair Oil Recipe
5 flowers
3 leaves
8 ounces of oil of choice
Optional: 3 leaves of Tulsi (holy basil)
Chop up flowers and leaves. No need to chop them to a paste. Add to a mason jar and cover flowers and leaves with oil. Simmer over low heat. If adding Tulsi add once mixture is hot. Strain the flowers and leaves from the oil. Use the oil by warming it before use and adding it to hair and massaging into scalp.
Want to learn more about Hibiscus or order some? Here are a few resources to help you get started:

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Hibiscus Flower Powder – From Nature with Love

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How have you used Hibiscus in your formulations? Please share you experiences with Hibiscus below.


  1. Thanks for listing From Nature With Love in your post! We adore using hibiscus in hair products. Your infused oil sounds fantastic. I would be tempted to include a few drops of neroli essential oils or jamsine absolute to the mix. Mmmm, neroli and hibiscus! Ok, if you need me I’ll be washing my hair!

  2. Emmy, thanks for the suggestions on adding neroli and jasmine…sounds very tropical!!!

  3. I use dried Hibiscus flowers in one of my handmade soaps called “Hibiscus Flowers”. The fragrance of a hibscus dried and crushed is amazing, smells fresh and clean, a light floral. I color the soap pink and dried the hibscus are dark pink the contrast is nice.

  4. Karie, did you dry the hibiscus yourself?

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