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The Why of Curing Soap

The Why of Curing Soap

The one pressing question that new students want to know about soap making is if they really have to wait four to six weeks before they can use their soaps.  In their faces and voice I can tell that they don’t want to wait so long to use their soaps and I fully... read more
Titanium Dioxide: Water or Oil

Titanium Dioxide: Water or Oil

  In order to make your soaps whiter you will need to add titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a natural pigment sourced from rutile, anatase, and brookite minerals.  To make your soap colors brighter you can add the titanium dioxide to the soap base before... read more

I was in your class on Saturday and I LOVED it. SO inspired to make soap!

Maria L.

Can’t wait to take another one of your awesome classes. I so love the way you teach.

Julia M.

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