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* Body Butters Lip Balms & WhipsBody Butters Lip Balms & Whips

Time: 10:00 am

We are all familiar with them; cocoa, shea and mango. In this session you will learn how to make body butters; whipped and in solid forms. We will explore how to prepare them and the different options for presentation. During this class you will make preservative free and non-water based body moisturizers. Using rich butters and oils such as shea, cocoa and coconut these body moisterizers will renew even the driest of skin.

* Lotion and CreamsLotion and Creams

Time: 2:00 pm

Skin moisturizers are one of the #1 cosmetics sold but not all of them are created equal. Learn hands on how to make luxurious creams and lotions with ingredients that nurture the skin. * Understand why preservatives are needed * How to label your lotions for retail * The benefits and properties of oils * The ingredients needed to make lotions and creams * Where you can buy your ingredients and much more At the end of the session you will bring home at least (2) - two ounce bottles of lotion and (2) - two ounce containers of cream.

* Soapmaking IntensiveSoapmaking Intensive

Time: 10:00 am

In this workshop with La Shonda Tyree, who turned her hobby and passion for making her own soaps and lotions into a highly successful business, we will learn how to make a range of exquisite self-care products. We will begin by discovering the history and chemistry of soapmaking, and the safety practices required to manufacture soap. We will then get hands-on instruction in soapmaking using sodium hydroxide with the cold process method. We will explore how to unleash our creativity by customizing our soaps with colors, fragrances and/or essential oils; learn how to create luxurious soaps using alternative liquids such as Goat’s Milk; and make fabulous swirl patterns and embedding designs utilizing a couple of different methods that will make your soaps rival mass market soaps. Other topics will include: resources for supplies and industry websites; proper product labeling and preservation; and tips on how to start a business.

* Your Inner Soap ChemistYour Inner Soap Chemist

Time: 10:00 am

Do you sometimes feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when you enter your soap lab? Well it is time to unleash your inner soap chemist and embrace mastering your own soap formulations and harness your creativity. You have made several batches of tried and true soap recipes and now it is your turn to master the art, beauty and chemistry of soapmaking. During this hands on full day session we will explore: The five components to consider with trace. It is more than just getting it to a thick emulsion. The fatty acid makeup of soapmaking oils and what outcome they will have on the final soap How to uses the chemical makeup to your benefit when formulating Whether to discount lye or super-fat Formulating a balanced recipe and craft your own superior luxurious soap in class Why less is more when it comes to soap formulations and much, much more No longer feel out of place as you will be in a safe place to unleash the soapmaking beast that resides within as you. Plus you will be able to create and take a soap masterpiece with you!

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I was in your class on Saturday and I LOVED it. SO inspired to make soap!

Maria L.

Can’t wait to take another one of your awesome classes. I so love the way you teach.

Julia M.

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Handmade Soap & Cosmetics Guild Member
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Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Teacher